At City Garden, acupuncture treatments happen in a comfortable group setting. We have 5 reclining chairs and 2 tables to choose from. Meditative music plays in the background and all talking is done in a whisper.

This arrangement is ideal for keeping costs low. It allows for a lot of available appointments. Friends and family have an opportunity to get treated together. Plus there's a collective healing atmosphere that gets created when everyone is together.

Anti-Discrimination Policy

City Garden Community Acupuncture welcomes everyone to be part of our community. We do not discriminate based on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identification, sex, marital status, immigration status, language, age, weight, education, HIV status.

Fragrance free policy

Scent and perfume can have an adverse effect on some medical conditions. If you know you’re coming in, hold off on spritzing your favorite scent until after your treatment.


City Garden Community Acupuncture first opened in 2014 under the name U-District Community Acupuncture. After achieving exempt status, City Garden became an official 501c3 nonprofit in June of 2018.

staff and board members:

Susie Sabunciyan, EAMP - Acupuncturist and Founder

Susie was first exposed to acupuncture and ideas about accessible healthcare while spending a few years teaching English in Asia. After returning to the states, she enrolled at Bastyr University to study acupuncture and Chinese herbs. During school, Susie heard about Working Class Acupuncture, the first community clinic in Portland, Oregon. The group setting and accessibility resonated with her earlier ideas about how healthcare should be. After graduating in 2008, Susie worked at the Pin Cushion, a community clinic in Seattle, for 4 years before opening U-District Community Acupuncture in 2014. This clinic was transitioned into the nonprofit City Garden Community Acupuncture in 2017.

Alicia Dara - President, Board of Directors

Alicia is a Seattle-based voice teacher (singing and public speaking) with over 20 years experience. She grew up in Vancouver BC and has been receiving acupuncture since she was a teenager. She has volunteered in public health for almost 20 years, and is a member of the Board of Advocates of Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and Hawaiian Islands. Alicia's client list includes musicians, rock starts, social justice activists, attorneys, teachers, and people of all ages. Corporate clients include Microsoft, Kimpton Hotels, Planned Parenthood, and Premera. After being Susie's patient for years, in 2017 Alicia became Board President of the City Garden Community Acupuncture Clinic. She believes that quality acupuncture can uplift the health of an entire population, and is committed to the ethos of community acupuncture over all others. 

Adrienne Lopez - Treasurer, Board of Directors

With higher degrees in business management and the arts, I possess a multi-faceted knowledge of marketing, communications, branding, licensing, art and design, fundraising, program development, campaign management, and outreach. My professional endeavors have included the execution of brand and marketing strategies from small entrepreneurial efforts to large scale global campaigns, spanning print, digital, experiential exhibits, television, film, and beyond. I have over ten years of experience with organizations and clients such as Bristol Bay Native Corporation, Spaceflight, Starbucks, World Vision, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Creative Capital, and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. Equally as important, I bring strong interpersonal skills to the table, along with a positive, friendly, team-building attitude.