Save the Ave!

Like every neighborhood in Seattle, the U-District is transforming. Old buildings are knocked down and shiny new ones take their place. Stomping ground we know so well becomes unrecognizable overnight.

Zoning changes have brought in the construction crews, but University Way NE, or The Ave, has remained untouched. This is due to the efforts of the U District Small Businesses and U District Advocates, who delayed the vote for zoning around The Ave, as it is a slice of history and home to many eclectic businesses that would not be able to remain if redevelopment happens (this includes our beloved City Garden Community Acupuncture!). This vote delay will expire this fall and it will be time for the Seattle City Council to make their decision. There's still time to have our voices heard!

Sign the petition to Save the Ave by following this link, or join us for a rally at Big Time Brewery & Alehouse on August 10th from 5-9pm!

Help End Family Separation

FRIDAY MAY 10th from 2-6pm

When you come in for an acupuncture treatment on May 10th, all payments will go directly to the Texas Civil Rights Project.

The Texas Civil Rights Project ( is on the front line at the border. They provide much needed social and legal services to immigrant children that have been separated from their parents and held in U.S. custody. The Texas Civil Rights Project works tirelessly to bring humane treatment to these children and to get them back to their families. To help raise money for their efforts, City Garden Community Acupuncture will be open for a special day.

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