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Acupuncture to heal the individual.

Group TREATMENTs to Heal the Community


We believe everyone deserves access to alternative healthcare to help prevent illness and to improve their quality of life.

Our social structures and surroundings are not separate from our illness, disease and health. What could be more healing than healing together?



What does acupuncture help?

How does acupuncture work?

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We provide effective acupuncture at $20-$40 per treatment. No income verification or documentation required.

This low rate allows you to get acupuncture frequently so you can get better and stay better.

Healthy individuals are better able to contribute to our communities and to our world.

specials and announcements: 5 for $75 package deal available

New! FRAGRANCE FREE POLICY. Scent and perfume can have an adverse effect on some medical conditions. We request you wait until after your treatment to put on your favorite scent. Thank you!

CLOSED Wed Jan 16 - Sat Jan 19th.

I have to leave town for a funeral starting on Wednesday. Normal clinic hours will resume on Tuesday, Jan 22nd.